Sianna_webSianna is an American who has lived extensively in the U.S.A and in New Zealand, where she works as a writer.
She has the love of Italy in her blood.
Her family is florentine and in the youth she travelled often to Italy where she spoke italian. However, she setted into life in english speaking countries. The trips to Italy ceased as did speaking italian, in the work she uses english.

…then a trip to Umbria

During a recent stay in Italy, Sianna decided to take some italian lessons. She wanted to refind the “hiddentreasure” of ancestor’s language.
In Todi she learned of Nicoletta of the Matavitatau Association.

Nicoletta teaches Italian in an innovative and original manner which allows one to grasp the language not only logistically but also experientially thru the senses.
Nicoletta uses stimulation of the senses through the aromas and tastes of the land from which italian language emerged.
I highly reccomend this technique to anyone desiring to understand and learn Italian through the cognitive capacity of one’s senses.