Convivial encounters and improvised contests.

Matavitatau is a cultural association that organizes social events in order to publicise Italy’s roots and highlight historical moments that have impacted Italian identity.

Meetings will take place during the summer, in a garden decorated with a historical theme, where guests will be introduced to the rituals of meals. By tasting authentic foods, guests will explore the atmosphere of a Roman home — a place where the sacred and the secular, practical intelligence and religious spirit come together — and enter into the imaginations of its inhabitants.
Menus will begin with unusual and intriguing antipasti and snacks to reawaken the appetite. These will be accompanied by mulsum, a wine flavoured with honey and spices, and followed by the ‘first supper’. Edible fantasies will conclude the meal.
During the evenings, Nicoletta Bernardini, archeologist and President of Matavitatau, will talk about the history behind the foods presented at each dinner.